this week in food (nov 10)

sorry its been such a quiet week – hurricane sandy really took her toll here in nyc and this past week has been CRAZY trying to put pieces back together and get everything back on schedule. things should slow down here a bit soon — so more pics and stories to come, i promise!

but – on to fun things in food this week!

cranberries dont just have to be for canned jelly anymore! tons of ideas for the sweet/tart whole fruit perfect for your upcoming thanksgiving table!

they are gonna host one of their not-so-secret suppers in NYC soon — cannot WAIT to get on the list! looks like they are also working on projects in atlanta/birmingham/knoxville — such a fun concept…

i know i jumped HARD on the bacon-train (and my god it was an amazing train to ride), and perhaps that fad needs to be over now… but this butterscotch pudding topped with bacon-infused whipped cream looked wayyyyyyy too good to be true…

great news on the magazine front — jamie oliver’s fabulous mag is coming to america! you too can get your hands on the british chef’s uber glossy monthly collection of recipes and ideas —

who needs to go to culinary school when you can just do these five (great!) exercises at home to sharpen your cooking (and tasting) skills???

we have a vegetarian at the table this thanksgiving — and my heavens there are SO MANY scrumptious holiday dinner table options out there for the non-meat eaters, too! i mean, who really enjoys over-dry turkey anyway?!!? check out this article for an entirely vegetarian thanksgiving day feast… and enjoy!

and speaking of thanksgiving, wouldn’t these white chocolate and pumpkin and cinnamon cupcakes make for an AMAZING dessert option!?!??! (or even BETTER for a quick breakfast snack the next day??)

but speaking of breakfast, these win. hands.freaking.down. blue cheese and bacon and runny eggs. i think these might be on the recipe list for this coming week. like for sure.

happy weekend, everyone! sending so much delicious love!

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One thought on “this week in food (nov 10)

  1. Hooray! I’m glad you like my recipe — it kind of seems like a lot of work up-front with all the accoutrements like the roasted tomatoes and the garlicky spinach, but you can save the leftovers from those to toss in with pasta!

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